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Studio G3 Glass Naser Niki Art Director and Leader. Innovative Custom Glass Art

Naser Niki has over 39 years of experience in Glass Art. With a degree in graphic arts and his self-taught techniques, he has become a leader in producing innovative products in the glass industry today. Naser Niki specializes in large-scale abstract artwork, which are recognized for its vibrant colors, one-of-a-kind designs, organic flow and high-gloss finish. The G3 Art Collection is now available in selected galleries, boutiques, and fine furniture stores in Vancouver, Los angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, Japan, Chicago, Florida, Singapore and Milan. He has mastered several media such as airbrushing, drawing, painting and glass sculpting. He expresses a passion for designing elegant and distinctive glass creations,which many consider each one a masterpiece. Over the years, Naser has had the privilege to instruct eager individuals who are interested in creating art glass and has received many personal and professional recognition and awards for both commercial and residential projects, including Vancouvers most legandary symbol: the Olympic Cauldron. Naser's creative driving force allows his client to experience works that many describe as spectacular.



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