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Hannah is the creative founder of G3 Art Gallery, which is an extension of Studio G3 Glass, a leader in the Architectural Glass world. She has created a new Era of Glass Art with a Gallery that acquires a collection of known Fine Glass Artists who have revolutionized the glass world that we know today


With a passion for glass and an eye for design, Hannah Niki has built up her reputation in the glass and design field as an artist who is not afraid to step outside the box and push boundaries. Hannah has spent the last 10 years perfecting the most sought after techniques in the glass industry and is the innovator behind the Gallerys signature floating furniture collection and Deco Sink bowls; transforming practical applications into a piece of art.  


Hannah has become the face of Studio G3 and plans to continue the legacy of G3 by expanding the exclusive Art Collection and Fine Furniture.  


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