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THE ARTIST | Aurelia Bizouard

Aurélia Bizouard fell in love with art and started drawing cartoons of Japanese Manga at a very young age in France, her country of origin. She was raised in a western suburb of Paris, which, along with Normandy, was the cradle of impressionism. It was here that Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Morisot painted, some of her favourite painters who influenced her to start painting on canvas. She became intrigued by art and fascinated with the beauty of the Seine river and its impressionist surroundings. Her passion for art continued to grow during the time she studied in Paris where she earned a degree in international business. Aurélia continued her studies in Scotland and England where she opened her heart and eyes to new places. Despite her foray into the world of business, she remained fascinated by art and the BEAUTY OF THE ORDINARY THINGS surrounding her life. Art and travel have always taken a predominant place in her daily life. She worked in the travel industry for many years and continued to travel the world with her brushes. In 2008, She decided to move to Canada to experience a new culture, see her country from a different perspective and find NEW INSPIRATIONS that today come mainly FROM PEOPLE she meets and PLACES she goes to. She believes visiting, watching the world and sharing with people is the secret to unleashing creativity. Her appreciation for modern and abstract art grew over time, as well as surrealism and expressionism influenced her way of painting. It is in 2011 that she started painting as it is today using acrylic and glass as a canvas. Her painting is now intuitive, without sketches, abstract, expressionist and figurative. Painting on glass has been a revelation and is now part of her daily life. Today, this French artist lives between France and Canada, her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in Vancouver.

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