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At Studio G3 Glass, our artists are skilled across a broad range of medias and styles, each of them contributing to this unique melting pot of artistic talent, whilst still finding the time to exhibit annually in both group and solo Gallery Exhibitions.

Painting on Glass is one of the most toughest and unique processes, as it includes reverse painting, strategic timing, and an outmost amount of patience, skill and imagination to creative a one of a kind masterpiece. 



We are extremely passionate about all forms of art. Constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles, our artists push the boundaries of Glass Art to ensure our work continues to evolve and diversify. We are inspired by glass itself, and through our technique we aim to share our inspiration to the viewer. The possibilities of glass are truly endless; it is a world of limitless potential waiting to be explored. Let us be your guide. ​


Traditionally, Glass Art is associated with simple sandcarving, backpainting, or slumping. Why not all three? At our Studio, we are tirelessly experimenting with new materials and known techniques to build the framework for our next breakthrough. Like the materials we work with, our dedication is pure and tested through fire.

Unlike anything before, Our Studio offers Contemporary Art that are bold, expressive and unique; stepping outside of the box with fine art never previously seen on Gallery walls

              Introducing a New Era of Glass Art

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